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Infant’s body unearthed at Komo beach

Catherina Loisi pointing to the spot where she and other women dug up a female foetus that was buried by two women on Wednesday morning.

TWO women are in police custody following the unearthing of the body of a seven-month-old infant at Komo beach, west Guadalcanal.

Ms Catherina Loisi, a guardian of the beach, raised the alarm after trailing the two ladies and finding out that they had buried the child’s body in an isolated spot there.

Her suspicion had been triggered by the unusual sight of two ladies carrying a huge packing case.

She said the ladies had paid for their entrance fees saying that they were there in search of some traditional medicines along the coastal vegetation.

“I am suspecting them carrying something in a packing case, so after they leave I trek their foot print, and finds that they buried baby, then I called my uncle to call the police,” Ms Catherina said.

Catherina’s uncle, who works at the Ombudsman’s Office, rushed to the area and met the two women trudging back towards town.

He offered them a lift and took them straight to the White River police station.

Meanwhile, the White River police post have confirmed this adding that the two women have already been arrested and are held in custody.

The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) say that the case has been transferred to the Guadalcanal police at Henderson and they are now dealing with it.