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Lack of communication in Ministry of Public Service exposed

THE Ministry of Public Service is seemingly oblivious or is in the dark regarding what goes on around it.

It has told Island Sun that it is not aware of the 28-day notice put out by medical doctors last week for their industrial strike.

A follow-up by the paper somewhat exposed the ministry’s lack of awareness, and break down of communication among its hierarchy.

Phone calls made to the Executive Personal Secretary and other staff of the ministry received similar replies of not knowing that a strike notice was put forward by the medical fraternity last week.

All rather referred the paper to the ministry’s permanent secretary Mr Nego Sisiolo, whom they say should have an idea on the matter.

However, Island Sun was unable to contact Permanent Secretary Sisiolo for comments because he was sick.

Last week, medical professionals issued a 28-day strike notice to the government through its now-known incapable ministry of public service.

The move is said to force the public service department and the SIG to the review table on the 2017 scheme of service.


The strike notice was effected on June 23 after the Solomon Islands Medical Association’s (SIMA) Annual General Meeting.