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Youth interns learn new things from Y@W

A youth representative, Ms Natina Taisau expressed what they learned from
Y@W programme after completing the Phase 11

YOUTHS in Honiara say they have learnt five significant lessons while joining the Youth At Work phase 11 programme.

A Youth representative, Ms Natina Taisau said during their engagement in Y@W programme they have learnt five important areas, believing it will set as foundation for employment opportunities.

She said, number one is giving back to community, they realise it is important for them as youths – developing their mindset to think active.

From the programme young people acquired positive knowledge and skills during the trainings and job experience over 15 weeks of internship.

Ms Taisau said despite educational background, the Y@W gives young people another chance to learn, see and hands-on-job, a real life experience.

Ms Taisau said, “The programme help us to get to know new people and make new friends along with how to respect each other’s values and culture.”

Moreover, Ms Taisau said it is through Y@W young people learn to lend a hand to a friend and teamwork.

“If you believe in your voice, use it, if you are physically strong help others, if you good in advice, start advising other young people on positivity of life,” Ms Taisau challenge everyone attend yesterday’s event.

The Y@W Coordinator, Rose Maebiru thanked and commended the trainers and mentors for empowering youths in Solomon Islands.

She also acknowledges the partners and funders in their continuous support towards the programme which ended the phase 11 successfully.

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