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Local businessman calls on gov’t to sort out overdue payment

LOCAL businessman calls on the government to help local businesses which had once helped it.

Chief Robert Satu, director of Solomon Islands Marine Export company, calls on the government following a court order involving his local export company, to release an amount of money owed to him.

He explained that it was in 2003 and 2004 when a transaction occurred between the government and his company.

Mr Satu added that it was also during the aftermath of the ethnic tension in which the government was enduring financial constraints thus exporting companies of copra, cocoa and logs were inactive.

However, he said that he had spoken to the then Prime Minister, Sir Allen Kemakeza about his company’s request to engage in the export sector.

Mr Satu added that in response, Mr Kemakeza requested that his company present a particular document that would be brought before cabinet.

In relation, he said that they provided fifty booklets which catered to the fifty members of parliament

Mr Satu said that the company’s request was then given approval to export.

He mentioned that at that time they were the only small local company given the heads up to export thus added that he bought duty for twenty-eight dolphins which costed him 1.2m SBD which had to be paid in cash as the government did not accept check payments.

Moreover, Mr Satu explained that during that period of time, the transaction was very helpful for the government who was financially suffering and used the money to pay it’s public servants.

He said that his company stepped in and assisted the government in their time of need but the government on the other hand has not taken any action to release his payment and court statement.

In this regard, Mr Satu calls on the Prime Minister and Finance Minister to sort out his money.

On another note, on behalf of Solomon Islands Marine Export Company he applauds RAMSI for the good work they have carried out in the last 14 years and also applauds the government on the Parliamentary Motion on the RAMSI report.

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