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Guale to put total ban on alcohol

GUADALCANAL Province is progressing on its intention to ban the sale of alcohol in the province.

Guadalcanal Premier Anthony Veke told this paper yesterday that the province is moving forward with the proposed ban.

Premier Veke said: “We cannot take a total ban now because the liquor has its own framework but we are pursuing to achieve this.”

The Premier has relayed in the Guadalcanal Forum Facebook page that since Liquor is regulated through the Liquor Act, his office has communicated its intention to ban alcohol in Guadalcanal to the AG Chambers to get a legal view on the intention.

“At the moment my office is waiting feedback from AG. What this would mean is that most or even all of the beer licences in Guadalcanal will be ceased and selling of beer in Guadalcanal would be illegal for certain period of time.

“The Government will try this out and will see if unwanted behaviour can be reduced.

If there is a better apart from touring and talking to people then do let us know.

“We would be really happy to listen to your advise because we all want our women and children to live and move around freely on the land. Guadalcanal.

“Let’s stand together to fight this,” the Premier adds.

This comes after revelations of misconducts by youths along the road that leads to west Guadalcanal.

It cited that considerable number of bottle shops along the road has led to unprecedented consumption of alcohol prompting road blocks between the Tamboko and Aruligo area.

A member of the popular Guadalcanal Facebook forum warned that this area is not safe, as drunk youths are now accustomed to blocking vehicles, walking in the middle of the road, swearing to people and demanding money from vehicle drivers.

Premier Veke also made reference that some months back in Marau a mother was brutally killed by her husband.

“Before that incident, few other killings occurred in Guadalcanal which promoted my office to condemn those barbaric killings in the print media.

He said banning of alcohol is one of the steps his government will take to ensure that such unwanted behaviour is stopped in Guadalcanal.

“One of the obvious elements of the incidents relating to the killings is that those involve were intoxicated with alcohol,” he said.