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Police continues security operation at Tinge Ridge

THE Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) is continuing to address a public safety situation at the Tinge Ridge area in West Honiara, following the disturbance that occurred there on Wednesday.

Police will continue to mount an operation to provide increased security and patrols in the area overnight and today.

Commissioner Matthew Varley yesterday appealed to the public to remain calm; “I want to reassure the community of Honiara that the RSIPF is out in force and we are patrolling the city and the west Honiara area.

“I have over 100 officers deployed to this operation and we will not accept any repeat of the violence that occurred yesterday [Weednesday].

“Anyone who is considering taking the law into their own hands should think again.

“We must work together to solve this problem peacefully. I call upon all community leaders to explain to others that preparing weapons or gathering in groups to fight will only lead to the risk of violence, which is unacceptable. We must remember that we all want our families to live in a peaceful and safe city.”

The RSIPF has a duty to enforce the law in the community and to protect the public from breaches of the peace. The RSIPF is independent and does not take sides in land disputes.

The RSIPF respects the orders of the Court, however there is a serious risk to public safety should these evictions continue at this time.

Therefore the RSIPF is grateful to the court for its direction yesterday to delay further evictions for the time being.

The RSIPF is aware of reports that groups of people may plan to take action into their own hands over this dispute.

However, any person who commits a criminal offence, incites violence or is found in possession of any weapon will be dealt with sternly by the police.