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Preparation for Premiers conference delayed

PREPARATIONS for the 9th Premiers conference to be held in Auki is being snail-paced by slow submission of allocations for the local organising committee (LOC) and other sub-committees.

Everybody seems to be waiting for the provincial secretary and the provincial treasurer who are in Honiara.

It is also reported that renovations on the provincial chamber is yet to be done.

This hold up is blamed on the provincial government’s slowness in allocating work on the chamber.

This paper is also understands that budget for the preparation programme has already been set.

Other sub-committees also depend on the service grant from the Malaita province government before they kick start their preparations as well.

By next week the local organising committee will organise their next meeting for the actual confirmation of work preparation to start with the other sub-committees.

The 9th premiers conference will commence from October 9 to November 5, 2017 in Auki.