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Friday, May 5th, 2017


Pity the pitta, an avian ambassador for threatened Solomons biodiversity

A chance encounter with a mystery bird has brought into sharp focus the dilemma posed when economic development destroys the biodiversity we ultimately depend on. I was on a trip back to my home village of Gnulahage on Isabel Province early in 2017 when I came across a colourful bird I had never seen before. It was about 15 cm long, with a bright green back, and a flash of sky-blue feathers near the top of each wing. Its underparts were buff-yellow, its crown chestnut-orange. It had a black maskRead More

Youth@Work hosts interns’ feedback programme

GOVERNMENT ministries, private businesses, state-owned enterprises and non-government organisation had the opportunity to become acquainted with the progress of Youth@Work this year. Yesterday Youth@Work presented its first employer’s event for 2017 to secure trust and confidence of employers towards its ongoing programmes. The event also gave privilege for youths to present their testimonies on the journey they took to secure full-time employment. Ms Elizabeth Ravevogana, a successful Y@W intern who recently secured full time employment with BSP Banking Group was the highlight of the programme when she shared her experienceRead More

Geo technical investigation bid open for public service project

PUBLIC Service Ministry invites bidders for the Geo-Technical Investigation of the Ministry of Public Service IPAM Project Town Ground Demolition Site. This bid is a component of the ministry’s plan towards the construction of a new building that will cater for government training as they are currently renting a venue for that purpose. Permanent Secretary Mr Nego Sisilo had previously stated that this was the next immediate step of his ministry given that they are already in the initial stages of planning. He had stated that the geo technical lineRead More

BSP Gizo helps hospital

BANK South Pacific staff have been assisting the Gizo hospital over the last two weekends. They helped out in the kitchen, sharing in the massive task of cooking for all the patients and guardians in the wards. Gizo BSP Branch Manager Clotilda Londeka said “they assisted Gizo hospital kitchen staffs as part of their Community services in the provincial level. “They choose Gizo hospital to help them to cooked foods for each medical ward at the hospital and to assisted kitchen staffs of cooking greens, fruits and vegetables for sickRead More

Sasamuga hospital needs a doctor

NEWLY refurbished Sasamuga hospital desperately needs a doctor to work there. Hospital secretary Rev Caleb Kotali of Sasamuga makes the call, saying that referring cases to Taro and Gizo is hazardous for both patients and health workers. “There has been an increasing number of Choiseul people have been drowned and died on the sea between Choiseul, Vella la Vella and Gizo because of the current climate change. “We need doctors at Taro, occasionally visit the hospital to see patients and please can you help Sasamuga hospital and provide better healthRead More

IRD Income Tax Review

DEAR EDITOR, Thank you Commissioner (IRD) Ag for your genuine response. Most’s of your points are well said and clear, however just the question of reviewing of the current Income Tax Act; who should be the leading stakeholder to initiate new ideas for change? Is it the Law Reform Unit, PS of MOF, Minister of MOF, Caucus, Prime Minister, Cabinet, other stakeholders or it is the IRD Commissioner and Management team? We all understand that our MPs have been very privilege to forgone their income tax expenses from their variousRead More

Lau/Mbaelelea Constituency development

DEAR SIR, Allow me space in your editorial to express my views about the above subject matter. A week ago, I was travelling back to my village and was surprised to see that a grader was lying idol at Feragao village. Two minutes after, we then by-passed Kwailabesi airport and much to my amazement, a roller was even there unattended to. As we approached Tagulao village, a bulldozer was even lying alongside the road with all of its parts scattered everywhere only to be taken care of by the hostingRead More

New financial inclusion specialist here

THE Pacific Financial Inclusion Programme (PFIP) has appointed Isaac Holly as its country technical specialist. Mr Holly, from Uganda, was formally introduced to the larger private sector during a “Business After 5” event hosted by the Central Bank of Solomon Islands (CBSI) and PFIP at the Heritage Park Hotel in Honiara. PFIP Deputy Programme Manager, Krishnan Narasimhan, who is based in Suva, Fiji, said Mr Holly has a wide experience in financial service across the world. Mr Holly has worked with PFIP’s sister programme called Mobile Money for the Poor, and has significant experience in digital financial services. He has also worked with big mobile money providers. Mr Holly replaces Mr NarasimhanRead More

Opposition PA joins Government

THE Government has offered lucrative contracts to certain political appointees (PAs) of the Opposition, it was revealed. It is understood that the Government has recently offered two positions to two Opposition political appointees namely the Research Legal and Parliamentary Officer and the Opposition Press Secretary. Spectators say that this is one way of silencing the Opposition and is a strategy used by past Governments. A long time public servant within the Office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (OPMC), who refused to be named for job security reasons, said thisRead More

Infant’s body unearthed at Komo beach

TWO women are in police custody following the unearthing of the body of a seven-month-old infant at Komo beach, west Guadalcanal. Ms Catherina Loisi, a guardian of the beach, raised the alarm after trailing the two ladies and finding out that they had buried the child’s body in an isolated spot there. Her suspicion had been triggered by the unusual sight of two ladies carrying a huge packing case. She said the ladies had paid for their entrance fees saying that they were there in search of some traditional medicinesRead More