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Sasamuga hospital needs a doctor

NEWLY refurbished Sasamuga hospital desperately needs a doctor to work there.

Hospital secretary Rev Caleb Kotali of Sasamuga makes the call, saying that referring cases to Taro and Gizo is hazardous for both patients and health workers.

“There has been an increasing number of Choiseul people have been drowned and died on the sea between Choiseul, Vella la Vella and Gizo because of the current climate change.

“We need doctors at Taro, occasionally visit the hospital to see patients and please can you help Sasamuga hospital and provide better health care to its wider community especially in South Choiseul by supporting this appeal.”

Sasamuga Hospital, also known as PJ Twomey Memorial Hospital, is owned by the United Church in Solomon Islands and is located in Sasamuga Village, Choiseul Island.

The hospital was established in 1905 by the Methodist Church of New Zealand and Australia, Deaconess with nursing experience, Missionary doctors and nursing sisters served in the Hospital for many years in the past.

He explained said that the late Sister Lucy Hazel Money was one who served here for almost fifty years.

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