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Youth@Work hosts interns’ feedback programme

Group Leader for Intern Affairs Mrs. Glennis K Masaea, elaborating on the process of Y@W internship program works_Photo by Ruth

GOVERNMENT ministries, private businesses, state-owned enterprises and non-government organisation had the opportunity to become acquainted with the progress of Youth@Work this year.

Yesterday Youth@Work presented its first employer’s event for 2017 to secure trust and confidence of employers towards its ongoing programmes.

The event also gave privilege for youths to present their testimonies on the journey they took to secure full-time employment.

Ms Elizabeth Ravevogana, a successful Y@W intern who recently secured full time employment with BSP Banking Group was the highlight of the programme when she shared her experience as an intern and now full time employment.

Employers’ representative, Ms Veronica Kealau from SPBD Microfinances also gave some light on programmes and opportunities available for Youth@Work internship programmes in 2016.

Employers listerning to Y@W Deputy Coordinator, Ms. Raywin Taroaniara giving her presentation at the event _Photo by Ruth Amos

In a statement to this paper, Youth@Work stated that the event is part of the organisation’s effort to convince employers to be active partners of Youth@Work in terms of providing internship opportunities for Youth@Work graduates.

The statement strongly emphasises robust participation of employers to offer youths the chance to realise their social responsibilities through provision of positive internship partnership.

Youth work is an educational practice which can improve young people’s life chances and experience.

Youth work successfully builds bridges between home, school and work, preparing young people to be confident individuals, effective contributors, successful learners and responsible citizens.

Mr Eddien Delay and Programme Coordinator Mrs. Rose Martin of Y@W responing to questions_Photo by Ruth Amos