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Acting Mayor Aiwosuga calls for peace

THE Acting Mayor of Honiara City Charles Aiwosuga has called for peace following the recent incident earlier this week.

This follows two separate incidents involving companies and people in squatter settlements.

Aiwosuga said parties involved should not take things into their own hands but let the rightful authorities deal with the issue and resolve it.

“From the Mayor’s Office I call on the good people involved in the incidents to refrain from taking the law into their own hands and let the rightful and responsible authorities deal with this sensitive issue.

“I would like to call on all parties from those incidents to come to an understanding and resolve the matter peacefully.”

The Acting Mayor said the city comprises of Solomon Islanders and different nationalities, therefore people should not be living in fear but in peace.

“The City is for all of us who are living in and I ask that there should be no disturbance to create fear among other city residents. We should have a peaceful environment in which everyone can enjoy their daily activities freely,” he added.

As the acting Mayor of the City he urged for peace between parties involved and asked the police to mediate and ease the situation.