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IRD Income Tax Review


Thank you Commissioner (IRD) Ag for your genuine response. Most’s of your points are well said and clear, however just the question of reviewing of the current Income Tax Act; who should be the leading stakeholder to initiate new ideas for change?

Is it the Law Reform Unit, PS of MOF, Minister of MOF, Caucus, Prime Minister, Cabinet, other stakeholders or it is the IRD Commissioner and Management team?

We all understand that our MPs have been very privilege to forgone their income tax expenses from their various personal incomes, hence on the other hand who should be responsible to initiate and recommend some savings to the personal income tax of beloved citizens?

If it is not your office and management’s direct or indirect functions, then who should burden this important responsibility?

Just on the PAYE, I wish to request your management to get the latest copy of Fiji Income Tax Act with reference to PAYE clause, especially the applications of Tax brackets and applicable rates that applies to citizens and non- citizens.

Also take a look at their PAYE Tax exempted amount and convert the amount to Solomon Is. Dollar (SBD) Value.

That should give you and your management some better ideas of how our neighbour country (Fiji) is trying to improve the livelihoods of its citizens.

Finally, for both our interest that should set a good benchmark to start.

L. Diau