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Premier Kiloe to retire this year

Choiseul Premier Jackson Kiloe

ONE of the country’s prominent provincial leader is set to retire at the end of this year.

After leading Choiseul Province for the past 17 years, Premier Jackson Kiloe has considered not to contest the upcoming Provincial elections in October.

The Premier made his intentions known to Island Sun as well as on social media yesterday.

“I have decided not to contest the upcoming provincial elections for this year.”

While his immediate plans for the future could not be disclosed, the highly commended provincial leader has not ruled out a run in next year’s National General Elections.

He said if the support is there he is ready to contest in next year’s National General Election, a move he once tried during the 2010 Elections where he was runner-up to the current Member of Parliament for South Choiseul, Elijah Doro Muala.

“I think I have something to offer to my people and nation at that level, but it is not up to me, it is entirely up to the voters.

“I am willing to serve our people and nation at that level if they need me and support me to be there. I will give my best wherever I serve,” he relayed to Island Sun.

The Aeronautical Engineer who previously worked as an Aircraft Engineer for an airline based in Brisbane, Australia for seven years prior to leading his province said he had no interest in politics.

“I knew nothing about politics, but I know how to fix things that need fixing, that is what engineers do.

“There is so much that is not right with our nation that needs fixing.

“We need to get an engineer into the round house as soon as possible,” he jokingly remarked.

Meanwhile, Premier Kiloe thanked his people for all their prayers and support and requests them to offer the same support to those who will come after him.

“I want to remind them that it is not the ‘Premier’ that matters, but it is the support the Premier gets from the people around him that is crucial.

“It is a great honour to be premier for my people over this long period. All achievements, if any are theirs, not mine.”

He stressed that he will retire from the position as premier, but will never retire from being a Lauru rural person.

“I will continue to be there for my people wherever and whenever they need me.”

Premier Kiloe over the years was praised for his leadership skills which notably has resulted in outstanding performances of the province in terms of meeting the requirements of the Provincial Capacity Development Fund (PCDF) under the Provincial Governance Strengthening Programme (PGSP).

PGSP is a programme of the Government aimed at developing the capacity of PGs to deliver services and promote local development.

Choiseul Province has been leading the nine Provinces in meeting the performance indicators since the process started in 2009.

He was also instrumental in the planned relocation of the Provincial Township from Taro Island to the mainland which is yet to be fully realised.