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Constituents angered by Pacha’s footage

SOUTH Guadalcanal Member of Parliament, David Day Pacha’s recent revelation of a ‘secret’ meeting with a controversial Asian miner has come under fire from the people of south Guadalcanal constituency.

A group of constituents raged their anger during a visit to The Island Sun yesterday, describing the MP’s alleged revelation as a ‘disgrace’ to the people of South Guadalcanal.

In a widely publicised footage last week, the Parliamentary Opposition have alleged Mr Pacha who is the Minister responsible for Mines and Energy, was seen having discussions with an Asian logger-bauxite miner in the Heritage hotel car park at around 10:40pm on 21April 2017.

The group’s spokesperson, Ellison Deli of Talise ward said: “His actions brought shame on us the people of South Guadalcanal constituency, even though he is not proven guilty, what he did under the cover of dark is viewed by people as an act which may only lead to corruption.”

Mr Deli said his alleged actions has brought into disrepute his public image as a representative of the people of South Guadalcanal.

He adds that what is done in secret can only imply abuse of power and that Mr Pacha must go down to the constituency and explain his actions for the sake of transparency and accountability.

“Mr Pacha must come down to the constituency and explain his side of the story for the sake of transparency, failure to do so can only be implied as corruption.”

He said this does not reflected well when the national government has been preaching much about the Anti-Corruption Bill in parliament.

“The government must seriously take actions against such cabinet ministers, and we the voters of South Guadalcanal deserved an apology from the MP,” said Deli.

He said this raises a lot of questions, and it is in the best interest of the people of South Guadalcanal and the public to know what the Mines minister has discussed with the miner.

The controversial Asian miner is believed to be, Ray Fah Chu, the Chairman of Asia Pacific Investment Development Limited (APID).

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