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A combined effort sees the arrival of donated equipment reach NRH

Dear Editor,
THANKS to the very kind and generous donation of a Brisbane based doctor and staff members of Sullivan Nicolaides Pathology Laboratory, also in Brisbane, the NRH has received 400 kilos of much needed equipment, including a bacterial incubator, a refrigerator, computers, a printer, scanner, a bath and some chairs.
Delivery of the equipment from Australia was a combined effort involving Solomon Airlines, BJS Group of Companies, DHL Couriers and two Honiara Rotarians.
 It is understood that the NRH’s Head of Microbiology, Hilda Zoleveke, has said most of the equipment will be used in the microbiology section, one fridge will be used to store specimens in the biochemistry laboratory, and the water bath will be used by the haematology section while the computers and printer will benefit everyone.
I would like to add my personal thanks and appreciation to all concerned for helping the NRH.
Yours sincerely
Frank Short.