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Wong surrenders RIPEL?

DOCUMENTS obtained by Island Sun have revealed businessman Patrick Wong surrendered its claim over Russell Islands Plantation Estates Ltd (RIPEL) parcels of land in 2011.

Levers Solomon Ltd also surrendered its claims over fixed term estates in the Russell Islands, the documents show. The document bears the common seal of Levers Solomon Ltd. It was dated 26th August 2011.

In the case of parcels of land registered under Cross Pacific Trading Ltd, the company’s common seal was used in the surrender consent form, which bears Mr Wong’s signature, according to the document.

Mr Wong also signed off the consent form for the surrender of parcels of land registered under Pacific Finance Ltd, another Cook Islands-based companies owned by Mr Wong and his associates.

That company’s Common Seal was used in the surrender consent form.

The surrenders occurred four years after the Foreign Investment Division of the Ministry of Commerce, Industries, Labour and Immigration, cancelled the registration certificate issued to Overseas Shipping, Trading & Investment Pty Ltd.

The surrender by Levers Solomon Ltd, Cross Pacific Trading Ltd and Pacific Finance Ltd over fixed term estates on Russell is certain to cast further doubts over compensation claims against the Solomon Islands Government.

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