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110 year old former Solomon Islands Coastwatcher to receive a medallion

Dear Editor,
ACCORDING to a broadcast on Radio New Zealand International, today, Wednesday, and quoting Sir Bruce Saunders in Honiara, a local 110 year old gentleman, a former Coastwatcher during the battle of Guadalcanal in the Second World War, is to receive a medallion at the 75th Battle of Guadalcanal  Anniversary Celebrations.
The medallion was struck specially to recognize the services of Solomon Scouts and Coastwatchers but only half a dozen have been awarded in the past 3 or 4 years as many former Scouts and Coastwatchers have passed on.
I very much hope the old gentleman to receive his award will be well enough for the Ceremony and he, his family, friends and indeed the nation will be proud to see the medallion awarded.
I extend my congratulations, very best wishes and salute this deserving old soldier.
Yours sincerely
Frank Short