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National consultant axed

THE Government has reportedly axed its national consultant on education and health.

Jennifer Fugui – wife of the Minister for Education and Human Resources Development (MEHRD) Dr John Fugui – was terminated last week, according to government officials.

The action is said to have angered Dr Fugui, who could not be contacted for comment.

No explanation was given for the termination, although it would seem it might be to do with cost-cutting measures introduced by the Office of the Prime Minister earlier this year.

Others suggest the termination was to do with the way scholarship grants were awarded this year. Part of Mrs Fugui’s brief is said to provide informed advice on education and health to the government through the respective Ministers.

In education, students are still struggling to get confirmation on their scholarship awards. They include nursing students who enrolled in the Diploma in Nursing Program since 2015. At least 30 students are still awaiting their scholarship awards and allowances.

As well, reports that Solomon Islands’ students studying overseas might have to head home for non-payment of tuition fees and other charges have exacerbated the decision to terminate Mrs Fugui’s contract.

She could not be contacted for comments last night.

Meanwhile, the director of civil aviation, George Satu, has also reportedly been terminated.

His reported termination has raised legal questions regarding the regulatory functions the office of the director has over Solomon Airlines’ operations. No reason was given for the termination.

Calls and text messages to Mr Satu’s mobile went unanswered.

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