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Drink-driving still an issue: Varley

THE Police Commissioner has stressed that drink-driving still remains an issue in Honiara.

Matthew Varley made the statement following a huge number of people tested positive for being drunk behind the wheels within the last two months.

He said from 1st July to 16th the traffic recorded 11 case of positive breath testing in Honiara and around the venue of the Solomon Cup.

Mr Varley said in June they recorded 28 cases and 36 cases in May, adding that the number shows the message is not getting through.

“We still have people drink driving, and my concern and we think people are out on the road drinking and driving at all hours of the day and night.

“As a result it makes the road not safer for everybody. I appeal to the community and the youths to help us get the message out to the people.

“And people need to know that drink-driving is a dangerous practice that makes the road less safe for all our families and communities,” he said.

Mr Varley said the message is loud and clear and that is don’t drink and drive, the police will catch you.

On the same note, he also mentioned that in May they recorded 32 accident cases in Honiara, with another 32 in June and 18 already for July.

Mr Varley said not all of these accidents are alcohol related.

“But it is still clear that we have road safety issue in this city. I think it’s important that people in Honiara drive carefully, understand the safe road practice and importantly don’t drink and drive,” he said.

Mr Varley said everyone knows that the road is congested and heavy at the moment but it’s up to the drivers to take the message.

He stressed that recording 11 cases in the first two weeks of this month is serious and is unacceptably high and people must take note of.