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New temporary Labour ward for the NRH

IN June this year the NRH was forced to close the hospitals only labour ward because of concerns over its dilapidated state and when staff  were being put into situations were overcrowding began occasioning unhygienic practices.

The PS of Health and Medical Services, Dr. Tenneth Dalipanda and the NRH’s Medical Superintendent, Dr. Rooney Jagili set about finding new facilities and their efforts were supported by the NRH staff and executives.

Yesterday, Monday, 31 July, just a month following the closure of the original labour ward, Dr. Dalipanda had the pleasure of opening a new temporary labour ward.

The PS said at the official ceremony, “Life starts in this room and many people’s lives will start here and we all play different roles along the life course of human beings.”

Dr. Rooney urged the hospital staff to take care of the new facility so that it would be a fit place for expectant mothers.

The NRH is to be congratulated on providing the new temporary facility within a month of the closure of the original labour ward and at a time when resources and funds are in short supply.

Yours sincerely

Frank Short

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