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Producing virgin oil providing a source of income in Matanagoa village, Makira Ulawa Province

 A crushing mill provided and installed by World Vision under its Community Economic Development (CED) Project is providing the residents of Matanagoa Village in Makira-Ulawa Province a ready source of income.
By using the mill and crushing dry coconuts, virgin oil is produced and shipped to Honiara for sale to Kokonut Pacific Solomon Islands.
Since the installation of the mill, everyone in the community has taken a hand in collecting dry coconuts and for which they receive payment when delivered to the mill.
The money generated by the production and sale of the virgin oil has helped the livelihoods of the local community and especially provided for children’s needs.
The ongoing success of the CED project, recently led to the Member of Parliament for Central Makira constituency handing over a new three-tonne vehicle to support the mill’s operations.
The project continues to be supported by the Australian Government.
This very worthy community project could be emulated by other communities throughout the Solomon Islands to aid family incomes and I would encourage World Vision and the Australian Government to go the extra mile or so.
Yours sincerely
Frank Short