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Wai-Hau protected area gains momentum

Coordinator of Wai-Hau Conservation Foundation, Mr Felix Naitoro

THE Wai-Hau conservation sites in West Are’are is going up the ladder as they expect some developments for the protected site soon.

The leading conservation organisation in the Are-Kwa region of Malaita Province will soon have a research centre and work on timber certification in the protected area.

Coordinator of Wai-Hau Conservation Foundation, Mr Flex Naitoro said they were so lucky to be funded with a building by the PCDF through Malaita Provincial Government.

He said the contract was already awarded at the beginning of this month to the contractor who will build the house for the research centre.

Mr Naitoro said the work on the project is expected to begin soon at Waisurione area in Wai-Hau protected site.

He said that as one of their dreams with the protected area, they are looking at providing a research centre for students and international researchers to come and conduct their studies.

Mr Naitoro also added that another area they are working towards is timber certification.

Saying all formalities under the Natural Resource Development Foundation (NRDF) are already completed and are only awaiting on cutting of timbers in the managed area.

He said other areas they also working towards include livelihood programmes that will involve honey keeping and others more.

Mr Naitoro said these are some of the areas currently under their radar, as they are hoping to work on soon.

Wai-Hau Conservation Foundation was an initiative taken by a group of landowners in Wai-Hau purposely to protect the Leatherback turtle along Wairaha beach in West Are’are.

The group was known in the world for the conservation activities taken. The conservation approach taken was ridge to reef.