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We need to work more to support the “Clean Air”: Maepioh

WE are to work more on other areas to support the “clean air” announced by WHO to make our place a demandable tourist destination.

This is according to the Western Province Premier Hon Wayne Maepioh.

“IF Solomon Islands has reached the “clean air” as announced by WHO and if we work more on other areas to support this then our province and country can be more demanding as a tourism destination such as in Canada,” said the Premier.

“Only if we can grasp that concept of having the cleanest air in the world then eco-tourism will not be enough for the population of tourism visitors that will be visiting this country,” he said.

“This is marketable and this is where our strength lies as well,” added the Premier.

The Deputy Premier of Western Province Hon Maloney Lopoto during this week also suggested for the Premier that soon they will be announcing for stakeholders if they want to provide energy in the province then it must renewable.

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