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Lambulambu boosted with two new projects

(Front right) Chief Industrial Officer (CIO) for Western Province Tom Olifaedily hands over protectsequipment to Mr Timothy Oepala (centre) and Rolling Sisakale at Panasasa residential area in Gizo yesterday. Photo by PAGEPITU

LAMBULAMBU village and surrounding communities of north Vella la Vella now enjoy the service of two new projects, fish filleting and coconut crush milling.

The fish filleting business belongs to the Koilai Agro Business Investment (KABI) and the Tauvezio Coconut Crush Milling of Logistic Enterprise (LE).

Rolling Sisakale and Timothy Oepala from Lambulabu village took possession of the projects under cliental assistance funded under the Ministry of Commerce subvention grant from the recurrent budget of 2016.

A brief handing over was held at the Panasasa residential area on Tuesday in Gizo, endorsed by the Chief Industrial Officer (CIO) for Western Province Mr Tom Olifaedily.

Mr Olifaedily said, “It was a historical in a sense that this is the first of its kind and enormous support received by Rolling Sisakale and Mr Timothy Oepala of Lambulabu Village.”

He explained that Tauvesio Enterprise Coconut Crush Milling was fully funded by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry Labor and Immigration (MCILI) and the subvention grant for Tauvesio Coconuts Crush Milling is under the Chief Industrial overwork plan 2016.

Olifaedily said both projects were endorsed last year and assessed for recommendations for full funding automatically.

He said Koilai Agro Business Investment (KABI) received a 600-Watt solar panel with batteries, solar-powered deep freezer and all accessories from Sun Power and eskies equipment from AusMart shop in Honiara.

He added that the official handing over ceremony will be held at Lambulambu Village next month.

He encourages the two local operators to look after the projects and handle with extra care when operating the equipment.

“These projects will support and help rural people to engage in business activities to grow our economic revenue,” said Olifaedily.

While acknowledging MCILI and Mr Olifaedily for the assistance, Mr Rolling Sisakale and Mr Timothy Oepala said the projects will help a lot in the rural area and country as a whole.

Meanwhile, Mr Olifaedily said that the Centre is looking forward to few more projects to raise the standard of the school to higher levels visioned by the school authorities and government.

He said another five projects were approved under the Western Province Industrial development Division work plan for Western Province and will be funded soon.

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