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SINU’s new classroom construction starts at Kukum campus

Leaders of SINU, APTC and DFAT picture onsite at the new construction of Automotive centre which is already in full swing after its official kick-start of May 22

SOLOMON Islands National University is underway in constructions to its mulit-million Australian funded classrooms.

Constructions began on May 22, and the classrooms are also said to be for automative workshops.

Acting Vice Chancellor Professor Basil Shelton Marasinghe said, “Australia’s investment in the Automotive Centre of Excellence is around $2.4m, and construction of the workshop commenced on 22 May and the expected completion date is 7 August.”

He adds, the School of Technology and Maritime Studies programme in Australia is working with SINU’s School of Business and management to create a Model Office.

“The Model Office includes the concept of a virtual enterprise skills training centre creating a replicated workplace environment where students can create their own virtual reality business.

“The students, who would be engaged in scenario, based training adding to a stronger emphasis on ‘real life working situations and hands on experience of a work environment.”

Meanwhile, Basil said the concept to create a Model Office is underpinned by a proposal to develop a new national Certificate level course in Business Studies similar to the Australian Training Package at Certificate 4 level.

He said new courses offered will have mutual recognition within and credit transfer to the SINU Diploma of Business.

Meanwhile, courses offered in this automotive centre will be facilitated by SINU’S S4EG and APTC funded by the Australian Government, and the Agreement with SINU is an example of the high level of cooperation between Australia’s regional and bilateral programmes.