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Warning on bogus recruiting agents for work in Australia

THE Labour Mobility Unit (LMU) within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and External Trade cautions public on the importance of verifying the legitimacy of agents who recruit for the Australian Seasonal Worker Programme (SWP).

The Unit is making clear that people wanting to participate should never have to pay money to an individual promising to give them work under this scheme.

“If you need to verify whether an agent is licensed or require any other information relating to these schemes you should visit the LMU.”

This announcement comes after reports of bogus agents falsely promising to send people to Australia.

LMU understands that some bogus agents are currently recruiting workers to work in Australia under the company called “Botanic Parks and Recreation”.

LMU wishes to Clarify that “Botanic Parks and Recreation” is a scam company and is not recognised by the Australian Government to recruit workers here in the Solomon Islands.

Botanic Parks and Recreation Company is a scam company which operates with the email address of .

Currently Solomon Islands does not have any licensed agents to recruit for Australia and as such   anyone one pretending to be an agent to recruit for Australia is a bogus one.

If an individual or agent is not authorised by the LMU, they are unable to offer jobs under the SWP scheme; anyone claiming to be an agent who does not have a licence is committing fraud and will be referred to the police.

The public is therefore advised that they must first enquire with the LMU to verify the authenticity of the recruiting Agents before proceeding with the recruitment process.

This should avoid any misleading information being provided and prevent false expectations arising for seasonal job offers in Australia by those persons who dishonestly claim to be agents.

Anyone with any queries can contact the LMU on phone 21250.