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Friday, April 7th, 2017


Wai-Hau plays big role in Are-Kwa region of Malaita

THE Wai-Hau Conservation Foundation is taking the lead in the Are-Kwa region (Are’are and Kwaio) of Malaita province doing tireless work to spread the concept of conservation to other parts in the region. Chairman of Wai-Hau Conservation Foundation, Mr Max Totorea said their good work has resulted in three newly established protected sites in the area. He said their work is mostly on awareness, letting people know about the importance of protecting their bio-diversity. Mr Totorea said so far, BD Guide conservation site in West Kwaio, Kwaenasi in East Kwaio,Read More

Wai-Hau protected area gains momentum

THE Wai-Hau conservation sites in West Are’are is going up the ladder as they expect some developments for the protected site soon. The leading conservation organisation in the Are-Kwa region of Malaita Province will soon have a research centre and work on timber certification in the protected area. Coordinator of Wai-Hau Conservation Foundation, Mr Flex Naitoro said they were so lucky to be funded with a building by the PCDF through Malaita Provincial Government. He said the contract was already awarded at the beginning of this month to the contractorRead More

Lambulambu boosted with two new projects

LAMBULAMBU village and surrounding communities of north Vella la Vella now enjoy the service of two new projects, fish filleting and coconut crush milling. The fish filleting business belongs to the Koilai Agro Business Investment (KABI) and the Tauvezio Coconut Crush Milling of Logistic Enterprise (LE). Rolling Sisakale and Timothy Oepala from Lambulabu village took possession of the projects under cliental assistance funded under the Ministry of Commerce subvention grant from the recurrent budget of 2016. A brief handing over was held at the Panasasa residential area on Tuesday inRead More

Conservation awareness programme reach Masupa CHS

THE Taka Taka Eco-Village Conservation Foundation reached out to Masupa Christian CHS with its conservation awareness programme. The team last week held talks with the staffs and students of the school on the importance of conservation. Founder and Coordinator of Taka-Taka Eco-Village Conservation Foundation (TEVCF), Mr Andrew Taraha stressed that it’s vital for children to learn about conservation. He pointed out that the beginning of everything is when people are young, and it’s important that students learn how to conserve or protect their bio-diversity at a young age. “This isRead More

Mile-2 settlers return home

2007 TSUNAMI victims who were settled at Mile-2 graveyard area have now relocated and have settled back in their own villages in west Gizo. Most villagers are from Titiana, Nikunau and Niumanda and other neighbouring villages who were badly affected during the April-2-2007 tsunami. John Mewaki told Island Sun Gizo yesterday said the villagers are however faced with difficulties in accessing proper water supply, sanitation and other pending matters that the government have not yet rehabilitated for the communities. “We have now rebuilt our own homes to our coastal sitesRead More

Implementations must be to expected level: Saomasi

WESTERN Province Minister for Finance and Treasury Hon Lester Saomisi reminds their government officers to make sure that implementations carried out under regulations must be to the level that they expect. The minister raised his disappointment during last week’s Full Assembly meeting that when they do improvements for amendments in a straight way, it is always during the implementation part that is not good. “So I am very upset over such practise and we must make sure that implementation must be to the level that we expect to reach,” saidRead More

Sumitomo donates 55 wheelie bins to Honiara central market

SMM Sumitomo handed 55 green wheelie bins to the Honiara City Council in an occasion held at the Central Market yesterday. The wheelie bins is the second part of Sumitomo’s donation along with a shredding machine currently located at the Ranadi dumpsite under its Compost project with HCC. During the official handing over yesterday, the SMM Sumitomo representative, Mr Nicholas Biliki, in his remarks, said the bins are intended only for green waste collection. He said the green waste will be transported twice a day to the shredding machine atRead More

Western peace building committed to its policies

WESTERN Peace and Reconciliation Office (WPRO) is committed to delivering the Ministry’s activities in the provincial centre and rural communities. Western Provincial Peace and Reconciliation office Deputy Director Mr Wilson Liligeto in an interview with the paper said the office is committed to key priority areas which MNURP and WPRO will implement policies in partnership with stakeholders. “Peace building and Post Conflict Rehabilitation, National Consciousness and Unity, Traditional Governance System and Structures, Our organic traditional and culture, Infrastructure and Communication Development, Coordination and Stakeholder/partner Engagement,” said Liligeto. Mr Liligeto explainedRead More

Solomon Islands needs good leaders

A former diplomat says the country needs leaders who are critical thinkers, ethical in leadership and entrepreneurship. Speaking during the Women in Politic Forum last week, Mr Rex Horoi said leaders across all sectors of society must possess these three skill areas in order to transform any society. He stressed that our institutions have failed to produce leaders with these skills and that improvement is needed. “The key messages are that while democracy is about Numbers, I am proposing that getting votes to win elections should be balanced with theRead More

Mbaranaba-Panatina Ridge opens new pathway

THE Panatina Ward in east Honiara received its 85-metre pathway from the Rapid Employment Project (REP) yesterday. The pathway was handed over to Mbaranaba-Panatina Ridge by representative from REP along with Honiara City Clerk, witnessed by members of the community. As guest of honour, the City Clerk Mr Charles Kelly said the fulfillment of the project marks a milestone to communities around Panatina ward which people will benefits from for generations to come. He assured Mbaranaba community the project means a lot to them, and that HCC wishes to reachRead More