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Political parties play important role in government: Hou

DAP Leader and MP for Small Malaita Rick Hou

A good governance and administrative system that anchors on a strong political party system is good for the stability of the country.

And political party system is an important democratic institution because it reinforces the governance of any country.

Democratic Alliance Party Wind-Leader, Hon Rick Hou made the statement during the party’s national convention held over the weekend in Honiara.

“Let me reiterate again that the stability of our country depends on the strength and stability of our political parties.

“It is very critical to the development of the country. And in recognition to that the NCRA government enacted the Political Parties Integrity Act in 2013.

“This is in order for the political parties to play their proper role and need to be strengthen.

“A strong and stable political party is one that stands for integrity and accountability. For that the party needs men and women of integrity and with a desire to serve the nation,” he said.

Mr Hou pointed out that with all these things it’s important to strengthen the party.

Saying that more importantly, the DAP-led government must ensure the political parties Integrity Act 2013 is further strengthened.

“We will bring legislations that will stop affiliations of loose groupings in Parliament whose leadership style is akin to what political instability.

“We the Democratic Alliance Party oppose this kind of leadership conduct in its entirety,” he said.

Mr Hou urged the members that, as a group, “we take pride in upholding the principles of Good governance, Transparency and accountability.

“We must also uphold strong and ethical leadership at all levels in government.

“DAP must strive to ensure that there is equitable development and service delivery throughout Solomon Islands.

“We must mindful of not only the party’s reputation, but most of all our members’ personal integrity and reputation.”

Mr Hou said DAP recognises challenges but is equally determined to vigorously pursue with the party’s development partners, the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.

He said the party will take constitutional amendments that will set the platform to strategically address these SDGs and thereby ensure SI achieves a better and improved standard of living for its citizens.

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