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Monday, May 15th, 2017


Crusaders executed

CRUSADERS men’s basketball team were hammered by Marist in their Empire Solomon Group Tip-Off match yesterday as they were trampled 64-24 at the Multipurpose Hall. Marist dominated the match, shooting 22 points in the first quarter while giving away only eight points to a struggling Crusaders side. Fourteen more points followed in the second quarter for Marist who was breaking through Crusaders defense like knife through butter. Down 36-17, Crusaders opted to collecting the three pointers instead of the two point’s baskets but could not find the aim, Tuvako ZutuRead More

Revenge is ours

WHITE River School are the new rugby 7s champions after defeating Selwyn College 26-12 during the grand final match of the 2017 Credit Corporation competition on Saturday. Three converted and one unconverted try for White River saw them take revenge on Selco at Town Ground Rugby Stadium. Selco who were the tournament’s defending champion were hoping for another upset but came up short against their well-seasoned opponents. Selco were on the roll one and half minute into the game after Johnson Wareke gave Selco the lead, crossing over for aRead More

Gruesome traditional turtle killing re-enacted

THE Kia community of Isabel province demonstrated traditional turtle hunting during the ceremony of declaring Arnavon Island as a marine park. Men and women of Kia community dramatised the lack of emotions towards the plight of captured Hawksbill turtles when slaughtered, something which spooked and captivated onlookers. The demonstration depicted men on war canoes while women sing and dance when men returned with hundreds of turtles for feasts. Explaining the ritual, Mrs Christian Maezama said, “This is the ceremony women do when men return from turtle hunting, and from farRead More

Arnavon Islands, Solomon Islands’ first marine park

SOLOMON Island’s first ever national conservation initiative has been declared as The Arnavon Community Marine Park (ACMP) last week. Located between Isabel and Choiseul province, the Arnavon islands is the country’s first protected area to be under three communities – Katupika, Wagina and Kia. The event was organised by The Nature Conservation (TNC) and convened officials from the Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Fisheries, leaders of provincial government, chiefs and community members. After TNC’s 22 years of conserving marine resources, a new level is reached for marine conservation under NationalRead More

Provincial leaders commend Arnavon Marine Park

PROVINCIAL Leaders have appreciated the stunning achievement leading to the setup of the Arnavon Community Marine Park’s declaration. The Provincial Government of Isabel and Choiseul Province saluted The Nature Conservation and three communities, Katupika, Wagina and Kia for seriously considering Marine conservation on the Arnavon Islands. The idea to conserve Marine lives, especially in a place frequented by hawksbill and Green sea turtles had inspired leaders from three communities to combine despite culture and race. Premier of Isabel Province, Mr James Habu said as a provincial government he is proudRead More

Malaita Premier encourages Arnavon Island marine park

PREMIER of Malaita travelled a long way to the border of Isabel and Choiseul province with a reflective mission to deliver three significant theories as a way forward for Arnavon Conservation. The Arnavon Community Marine Conservation Area is now elevated to the status of Arnavon Community Marine Park. Ramohia said the future of ACMP can be successful if the three communities mandated believe on strong management and partnership footed on visionary leadership and commitment. He also adds ACMP is a leader of conservation in Solomon Islands, and it is onRead More

Nusa Roviana opens new clinic

PEOPLE of Nusa Roviana are set to benefit from the newly opened health facility on the island. Provincial Ward Member for Nusa Roviana, Ramrakha Talasasa was highly instrumental in the clinic’s establishment, a relief for a people who have lived years without the service of a proper clinic. Opened on Friday, the $2 million project was funded by the Western Provincial government under the PCF funds. Hundreds within Nusa Roviana, Dunde and Ilogo witnessed the ground breaking ceremony held at Vangoro Village. Rev Kuti Soqamai gave a short address withRead More

PM Sogavare pleased with future of MASI

PRIME Minister Manasseh Sogavare is pleased with future aspirations of the Media Association of Solomon Islands (MASI) with the establishment of a Media Ombudsman and or relevant legislations to provide the needed protections and regulatory conditions for the industry. “I am pleased that the Industry is taking proactive steps to adopt mechanisms that will maintain quality and a competitive edge amongst fellow Journalists. “Like other Professionals, we too must abide by standards and these standards are the tools we use to develop the industry into the future. “The recent adoptionRead More

MASI award journalists

THE Media Association of Solomon Islands (MASI) have awarded four of its members who have performed exceptionally well in their work as journalists serving in the mainstream media. The award recipients this year are Kikiva Tuni of Solomon Islands Broadcasting Cooperation (SIBC), Teddy Kafo of Solomon Star, Ian Kaukui of Sunday Isles and Lynton Aaron Filia of Island Sun. Ms Kikiva Tuni scooped the Broadcast Journalism of the Year award while Teddy Kafo of Solomon Star grabs the Print Journalism of the Year award. Ian Kaukui received the Most ImprovedRead More

PM calls for responsible journalism

PRIME Minister Manasseh Sogavare has called for journalists to practice responsible journalism. Mr Sogavare made the call during the Press freedom and awards night event at Honiara Hotel over the weekend. Reflecting from this year’s theme of the World Press Freedom Day, “Critical Minds for Critical Times” Mr Sogavare said this is in fact a call for “responsible journalism”. “The theme “Critical Minds for Critical Times” is a reflection of the Media’s role as a “gatekeeper”. It reflects the ability to properly collect, assess and analyse information readily available inRead More