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Labour Ward closure concerns Opposition

THE Parliamentary Opposition Office is concerned about the imminent closure of the Labour Ward at the National Referral Hospital (NRH).

The Opposition understands the Labour Ward will close this Friday because of its current detoriating state.

“The closure of the ward is worrying as it would result in hundreds of mothers and children being at risk without proper facilities,” it said.

The Opposition Group said it is also concerned with reports by doctors and nurses that the hospital management have yet to secure temporary alternative arrangements to the current ran-down Labour Ward.

“This is worrying. We want to know what the Government doing about this?

“Where will our mothers and new born babies be housed without an alternative place to the Labor Ward?”

The statement said this matter is serious when our doctors and nurses have complained that this is common in all our health and medical facilities due to a lack of commitment by the Government.

“Reports that other wards at the NRH are also likely to be closed for the same reason must also be clarified by the Ministry concerned,” it said.