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Community’s last forest under threat

Duvaha, North New Georgia… photo supplied

PEOPLE of Olive village in South New Georgia, Roviana Lagoon, Western Province, have expressed grave concerns over the danger to their preserved forest.

A member of the community, Mr Patty Hite, said the preserved forest is currently under threat as a new logging company is expected to re-log parts of it close to the village.

He said Olive community is now rallying support to stop the logging operation from ruining their only preserved forest.

“Logging operations have already done much damage to our forest and now there are very limited trees left for loggers to continue.

“We have this pre-served forest but now it’s under threat as such we are fighting hard to stop loggers from entering our preserved forest,” Mr Hite said.

He stressed that Olive village use that forest to cut timbers for clinics, church building and also community households.

Mr Olive adds that the community also plant trees, cocoa, oil palm and coconut within the preserved area for future use.

He told this paper that Olive community has been fighting out logging companies over the years, stopping the companies from entering and logging the preserved forest.

Meanwhile, Mr Hite calls on the Saikile Trust Board and Elite Logging Company to respect the community’s decision and stop entering the preserved forest.

“Don’t disturb our one and only forest, it is the only forest we have and we want to use the forest in a sustainable manner,” he said.

Mr Hite said people of Olive village will support each other in the fight to stop loggers from entering their preserved forest.

He said Elite Logging Company has received the green light to carry out logging operations on the said area.

Mr Hite explained that Elite Logging Company is a sub-contracted company under the licence of Earth Movers Logging Company.