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DAP elects new executive

Newly elected DAP executive committee, (L-R) Vice President, Mr Oscar Vahimana, President, Mr John Usuramo and General Secretary, Mr Laban Honimae.

THE Democratic Alliance Party (DAP) has elected their first-ever executive committee during the party’s national convention on Saturday last week.

The newly elected board are, Party President: Mr John Usuramo, Vice President: Oscar Vahimana, Treasury: Bauro Laxton Koraua and General Secretary: Mr Laban Honimae

In an interview with the new elected president after his instalment to the position, he said having elected the executive committee marks a milestone in the progress of the political party.

He said since the political party registered under the Political Party Integrity Act in 2013, it has only been governed by an interim committee up to this newly elected committee.

In a greeting after taking the office, Mr Usuramo on behalf of the executive thanked every member of DAP for entrusting them to lead the party towards the next general election and beyond.

“The party has placed a great confidence on us and we are looking towards progress in all our work and challenge might encountered.

“And with the support of the political party, the party’s current sitting MPs, out-going executive, members and the new executive to work together to meet all our commitments.

“A total confidence also within me that we won’t be along and together we’ll carry DAP to a greater height,” he said.

Mr Usuramo pointed out that apart from electing of the new executive, other issue discussed during the convention included administration and procedural resolution for the political party.

Adding, they also passed amendments to the DAP constitution that would articulated for stronger rules consistent with the Political Parties Integrity Act 2013.

He elaborates that this means the newly elected executive will deal with DAP administration, procedural resolution and amendment to the constitution.

In the meantime Mr Usuramo said other immediate tasks his executive will engage in is prepare DAP and their candidates for the upcoming 2018/2019 national general election.

He said the executive will also meet soon to decide on a timetable of activities that include their short and long term strategies as they gear toward the election.

Adding they will work on reviewing the DAP Election Manifesto, fundraising programme and selection of their candidates.

Mr Usuramo said they are required with great work to do as their focus is to gain majority and hopefully to lead the next government.

DAP is one of the 13 registered political parties under the Political Parties Integrity Act 2013 and currently has a total of six sitting MPs.