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Malaita looks at agriculture and fishery development

Ambassador Roger Luo and Hon Peter Ramohia jointly present farm produce to Kilu’ufi Hospital

THE Taiwan Embassy and Malaita province have joined forces to develop agriculture and fisheries in the province.

During the two-day visit by the Taiwanese Ambassador and his delegation to Malaita, Hon Ramohia highlighted agriculture and fishery as two most important business sectors Malaita province needs assistance with.

HE Luo pledged to work together with the province as well as the national government to address this, plus Malaita’s development aspirations.

“Much more can be achieved if the land issue can be solved as soon as possible, while visiting local farmers who have been working with the Sub-Station.”

Hon Ramohia in turn pledged full support to solve land issues as soon as possible, and organise Malaita Taiwan Farmers’ Association (MTFA).

Visiting Malaitan farmer who has been working with TTM’s Sub-Station

The two parties also visited Adalua Sub-Station of Taiwan Technical Mission (TTM) where Ambassador Luo requested Hon Ramohia’s assistance to facilitate long-term leasing contract between Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock and local land owners for sub-station, to enable assistance to local farmers.

They jointly presented 20 bags of fresh produce from TTM’s Sub-Station to Kilu’ufi Hospital.

TTM’s Adalua sub-station successfully helped 57 farmers and schools in Malaita province.

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