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Solar hybrid for Selwyn College

Officials attending the meeting

SELWYN College is expected to benefit from a solar hybrid project which is currently on its initial stage of installation.

The project is funded by the European Union and implemented by the Anglican Church of Melanesia in collaboration with Ministry of Environment, Climate Change, Disaster Management and Meteorology and the Ministry of Mines and Energy.

Early this month official from the ACOM which includes; ACOM General Secretary Dr Abraham Hauriasi, ACOM Education Secretary-Desmond Waita, Selwyn college school principle –Mr Lionel Vuthia, Selwyn College technical officers-Mr Charles Tome & Mr Manebona, GIZ ACSE Project Manager-Mr Fox Henry Qwaina, GIZ ACSE Project In –Country Coordinator-Joseph Airahui and GIZ ACSE Project officer-Mr Lemuel Liolea held a consultation to pave way for the implementation of the project.

Agendas discussed includes; Cost Recovery Management Model for ACOM & Selwyn College Staff & Students as a requirement of the Solar Diesel Hybrid project to be installed at Selwyn College this year 2017.

The Cost recovery management model ensures that there is a financial plan in place to support the solar hybrid system future maintenance costs.

This is projected to be after 13-16 years once successfully completed next year 2018.

EU-GIZ ACSE Project Management Unit (PMU) provide update to ACOM officials on its on- going Load type assessments that are currently underway at Selwyn College.

This task is now near completion and the design stage of the Solar Hybrid System would begin towards the end of May 2017.

Therefore, EU-GIZ ACSE Project under MECDM & MMERE re-affirms its on-going support and commitments towards the accomplishment of the Solar Hybrid project for Selwyn College School.

Selwyn College technical staff Mr Charles Tome and Mr Manebona also provide updates on the assessment phases and tasks which has been carried out so far with the GIZ ACSE technical officer-Mr Lemuel Liolea at Selwyn College.

There are risks being identified however, the EU-GIZ ACSE PMU ensure that those risks identified remains within the project tolerances.

Solution from the meeting shows ACOM and SELWYN COLLEGE agreed to adapt the Cost Recovery Model to support the future maintenance costs for long term sustainability of the Solar Hybrid System.

The meeting also triggered stronger partnership and commitments towards the establishment of the Solar Hybrid project for Selwyn College Staff and Students, ACOM and EU GIZ ACSE PMU.