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WWF outlines Central Western Province Seascape Programme

WWF CBFM Program Coordinator Mrs Minne Rafe Ifuto’o

THE World Wide Fund for Nature-Solomon Islands and the WWF-Solomon Islands have outlined the over view of their programme in the Western Province.

The overview of the programme is called ‘Central Western Province Seascape Program’.

During a brief presentation at the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Western Provincial government on Friday, WWF CBFM Program Coordinator Mrs Minne Rafe Ifuto’o said WWF is working on three different integrated transformation strategies in implementing their system in the Province.

Mrs Ifuto’o said the three different integrated transformation strategies are Good Governance, Sustainable Financing and Sustainable Standards and Marketing.

“Our view focuses the value on the two strategies and they are the Good governance and Suitable Finance.

“Under the Good government we have Sustainable Fisheries and the Ridges to reef Conservation planning,” she added.

“With Sustainable Fisheries we are working close with the Western provincial Fisheries Division and with the communities under Community Based Fisheries Co-Management which is our main area of work at the moment,” said Mrs Ifuto’o.

She said that under the Ridges to reef, WWF is working close with different key resource people within Gizo and Kolombangara Island on real participant resource mapping.

Mrs Ifuto’o said that this will form a frame work of conservation and development planning for the people of Western Province.

She further explained that with the Community Based Fisheries Co-Management, there is a lot of capacity building at the community level and even within the Fisheries department on how WWF will carry out the work.

“We did the monitoring of all our trainings within our local fishermen and Fisheries officers within Gizo Island.

She added that under the participant re-mapping WWF also trained community facilitators who help them to reach out to other communities within Gizo Island.

She said Kolombangara Island WWF is working close with (KIMCA) for doing this recourse mapping.

Meanwhile, Mrs Ifuto’o highlighted that in terms of CBFM work, they are working closely with Gizo, Kolombangara and Nusa Tupe Island.

She said that with the Sustainable Financing, WWF has worked a lot with women on financial empowerment.

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