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Maepio speaks high of WWF

WESTERN Province Premier Wayne Maepio has congratulated the World Wide Fund for Nature-Solomon Islands and WWF-Solomon Islands for successfully signing an (MOU) with his government on Friday.

He also thanked the WWF for initiating the overview of the Central Western Province Seascape Programme.

“This is another historical teamwork for the government and the people of the Western Province.”

“This will continue to reflect and allow working together with the provincial government, the World Wide Fund for Nature-Solomon Islands and WWF-Solomon Island to conserve our entire environment, “he added.

“Not only that but to educate our community in terms of sustainable harvesting of marine resources for our future generation to change our province and Country as well,” said Maepio.

Hon Maepio said WWF has the vision and concern to build a strong partnership with my government to manage and look after our environment and natural resources.

Maepio said that our concern for our natural environment is your concern and we value to keep and look after it.

He explained that his government has valued most the importance of environment and marine resources by protecting them through working together with stakeholders, NGOs, Community members, Chiefs, and elders.

He said the biggest challenges today is to carry out more awareness programmes within the communities to understand more on what WWF have been working on to improve and strengthening its vision and goals.

Hon Maepio said his government will implement and continue to support WWF programmes by joining an effort to make a difference slowly in the province.

He added that our concerned ideas come from our own people, therefore we are all responsible to look after and protect our environment.

He said “We cannot achieve something if we are not cooperating and working together but can achieve it if we preserve and look after our natural resources.

He said his government is looking on the July review to improve and review fisheries in the province and he hopes to work closely with the World Wide Fund for Nature-Solomon Islands and WWF-Solomon Island in the future.

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