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SINU and Taiwan’s university looks at collaboration

SINU and Taiwan’s university looks at collaboration

A delegation of scientists led by Associate Professor Yu-Chun Wang of Chung Yuan Christian University (CYCU) visited the Solomon Islands National University on May 16.

The visit opened opportunities for the delegation to have a dialogue with Acting Vice Chancellor Professor Basil Shelton Marasinghe on the ways Chung Yuan Christian University and SINU can collaborate.

Associate Professor Wang of the Department of Environmental Engineering (CYCU) says her Department can work together with Department of Environmental Science of the School Natural Resources and Applied Sciences (SNRAS) of SINU in a number of ways.

Providing post graduate education in CYCU for SINU lecturers and conducting joint research with academic staff of SNRAS are some of the areas the two universities can work together on.

She said her colleagues and herself will also be willing to act as external supervisors for lecturers conducting research leading to PhDs in SINU.

A member of the delegation, Mr Shen Lee-Yin, Chief of the Applied Meteorology Division of Central Weather Bureau of Republic of China discussed the possibility of setting up a Department of Earth Sciences in SINU.

Another member of the ROC delegation Mr Kung-Yueh Camayale Chao, Executive Director of International Climate Development Institute says ICDI may be able to help in setting up in SINU an Early Warning System for Tsunami and other natural disasters.

Acting Vice Chancellor of SINU Professor Basil Shelton Marasinghe was pleased with the discussion with the delegation and says SINU has been able to have collaboration with number of leading universities in the world.

University of California, USA, University of Queensland, Australia, Pukong University of South Korea and Kaohsiung Medical University of Republic of China are some of the examples.