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Tourism development picking up in Isabel Province

TOURISM might be new but is gaining momentum in Isabel Province.

Isabel Tourism Department is working really hard at the moment to set a foundation for the industry to grow in the coming years.

Officer responsible for Tourism Development in Isabel, Ms Brenda Piva said her office has a number of targeted activities outlined for this year.

She said the activities include promoting and enhancing Cruise Shipping, bird watching, surfing and fishing.

Ms Piva explained that Cruise Shipping is one of the main activity that her office is trying to execute this year.

“Most people are still shaded with understanding on the importance of tourism and this is what my department will begin educating people and also promote activities before the year ends,” she said.

Ms Piva said time is very limited to set a foundation for cruise ship visits on Isabel province but her office is determine to kick start marketing for Cruise Ships as of next year

She continues to say that Isabel Province has 23 homestay and rest houses with lots of attractive activities yet to reach the market.

Ms Piva stressed that popular products of Isabel Tourism industry includes; bird watching, surfing, diving and fishing plus the exceptional culture and tradition the province has.

She said the Isabel Provincial Government has been very supportive towards tourism development in the province.

Ms Piva said she is pleased with the province’s decision and also the budget allocated to promote and also improve tourism in the province.

She said her department is currently drafting a Tourism Policy for Isabel Province and that the policy is expected to be finalised next year

Ms Piva said the delay is due to lack of funding to carry out consultations and also invite tourism experts to help draft the policy.

She told this paper that her office will make all efforts to complete the important document.

Meanwhile, Ms Piva said manpower has been one of the challenges that the Tourism department has faced over the past years.

She stressed that there are lots of undone jobs as there is not enough manpower to carry out other activities.