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Fisheries office run-down state irks Auki public

The fisheries office in Auki, surrounded with rubbish and bushes

FISHERIES department office in Auki is in poor conditions and disrepair, concerned Auki citizens reported.

Anthony Mamali, a concerned fisheries man, says currently the office does not have any proper work plans towards ministry goals in Malaita province.

The Fisheries ministry is one of the major contributors to the local economy in the province and the country at large.

Compared to other departments’ offices in Auki, fisheries is reported to be the least organised, and calls are being made for improvements.

“The fishery office in Auki is like a rubbish dumping site to all residents in Auki,” Mamali added.

“I know the office has computers and a photocopy machine which I believe it was already been sold.

“Last year I know the fishery department has elected some board members to manage the office along with renewing the fisheries ordinances for 2016 but nothing has been done for far.”

Mamali also reveals that funds were allocated for fisheries projects in Malaita but that there were no officers available to implement them.

“I have seen lots of fishery project have been allocated to some areas in malaita but I do not know who is responsible to coordinate projects with fake receipts during retirements of those funds.

“This means to me that the fishery officers here in Auki are paid of doing no work at all.

“I call on the ministry of national fisheries and the malaita provincial fisheries department to consider this issue and address it with proper investigations weather the office is still working.

“The ministry of fisheries in malaita province should upgrade its fisheries stations at Adakoa in east Malaita, Maluu in north malaita, and Afio in the southern region of Malaita,” Mamali said.

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