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Stowaway snails caught trying to sneak into Gizo

Giant African Snails collected from the Landing Craft at
Gizo Wharf yesterday.

GIZO Bio-security officers have removed a huge number of Giant African snails from a landing craft in Gizo, Western province.

Narety Bulehite of Gizo Bio-security yesterday confirmed that they found more than 50 snails in the vessel, under the shipping containers and water tanks, during an inspection when the vessel docked at the Gizo wharf yesterday.

“We collected a lot of snails from the Vessel before they transported all the water tanks, building materials and cargos at the wharf.

“We also found snails crawling under the heavy-duty machineries and containers.

“This is the second time Gizo Bio-security Division have collected Giant African Snail brought to the Western provincial capital town,” said Bulehite.

Mrs Bulehite said the officers later washed the vessel with chemical before unloading all the building materials, water tanks and cargos.

She said that apart from Giant African Snail, they have also discovered the dangerous Rhinoceros beetle.

Mrs Bulehite calls on the traveling public, shipping companies, owners to properly check their cargo, building materials, heavy machineries, goods, market products and belongings by cleaning them to ensure that they are not carrying the pest when travelling to the province.

Bio-security Division Gizo also calls on public to report any snail if found in any vessel, village or area.

The Rhinoceros beetle found in the vessel.

Gizo Bio-Security officer Mrs Bulehite collecting snails
under the shipping containers.

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