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Strengthening relations between Brazil and Solomon Islands

Acting Governor-General HE Ajilon J. Nasiu and the Ambassador of the Federative Republic of Brazil

SOLOMON Islands yesterday welcomed the Federative Republic of Brazil to its shores.

Brazil’s Ambassador HE Manuel Innocencio De Lacerda Jr presented his credentials to the Acting Governor General Ajilon Jasper Nasiu.

Mr Nasiu announced his pleasure and honour in welcoming HE Manuel Innocencio De Lacerda Jr to the Solomon Islands and that he is confident that during his tenure relationship between the two countries will be maintained and improved.

Mr Nasiu acknowledged Brazil’s endeavours in football, which he says has been exemplary and has also served as inspiration for many ardent football fans of Solomon Islands.

“Many Solomon Islanders are avid supporters of the Brazilian football team, and we fancy ourselves as the Brazil of the Pacific therefore we welcome and highly appreciate assistance in our sporting sector, especially when sports as a positive influence on the lives of our young population.”

Moreover he said that Solomon Islands will continue to work closely with the Republic of Brazil and other friendly, likeminded countries on the issues of the common interest, based on mutual belief on the values of peace, progress, and prosperity.

Mr Ajilon added that it is also his hope that the Ambassador of Brazil will find his mission to this country a rewarding and successful one.

Ambassador Manuel Innocencio De Lacerda Santos Jr in his speech he said that Brazil and Solomon Islands can work together to explore the many avenues that are open to them furthering their cooperation and friendship.

“As the Solomonese people, wide spreaded among its hundreds of islands the Brazilian people within our vast territory are united by one national professional football.”

He also added that this common passion reveals itself, amongst theirs, in the successful result of the national Solomon futsal team and in recent achievements of the Brazilian football team after the 2014 World Cup.

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