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Solid and Waste Management Fun Day to be a monthly event

SOLID and Waste Management “Fun Day” is hopefully to be a monthly event according to Gizo’s new JICA Volunteer Ms Yuko Furukawa.

Ms Furukawa currently working with the Solid Waste Management Team in Gizo said the aim is to raise more awareness for people to be aware and more conscious of the environment.

This is because waste management is not just the responsibility of the government but everyone’s.

“It all starts in the households, you think you are just one person and your waste is not going to make a difference but then if everyone thinks like that then it becomes a big problem and can lead to bigger problems like climate change and the sea level rising,” said Ms Furukawa.

“The occurrences of natural hazards are because of improper waste management.”

Ms Furukawa added that they just want everyone to be aware that the little action they do can make a difference.

“So awareness is one of the big tasks of our events to take place. Hopefully we can create a ripple effect for the whole community and communities towards recycling and such as well.

“Organisers are always meeting regularly to plan the next event to be successful so hopefully this can lead to be an ongoing event and ultimately contribute to make Gizo have a cleaner environment,” she said.

Ms Furukawa thanks dignitaries, organisations, school students and the general public for attending and contributing to the Solid and Waste Management “Fun Day” event held last week Friday at the Gizo MSG Building.

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