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Gizo Solid and Waste Management ‘Fun Day’ motivates locals

Deputy Premier and Minister of Environment with Rendy Solomon and Yuko Furukawa

CONDUCTING awareness’s of the importance of conserving and protecting the environment had really got locals motivated during the Gizo Solid Waste Management “Fun-Day” programme last week.

The Gizo “Fun Day” programme was held at the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) Building.

According to JICA volunteer Ms Yuko Furukawa currently working with the Solid Waste Management Team in Gizo, the programme is basically to help the environment zones of Malakerava 2 and 3 as there was a dire need before a clean-up campaign was carried out there for three weeks.

It has been reported that these particular zones during the past have been the core places for many taxi drivers and drunken people to enjoy their time at causing a lot of nuisance for the residents there.

Such nuisance also includes creating a lot of unnecessary rubbish to these zones giving an unhealthy environment sight during the past.

“The Fun Day programme is also to contribute in stopping community violence and to help these zones in a way for them to benefit from their environment financially such as creating set-ups for tourists to relax,” said Ms Yuko.

From past three weeks, a clean-up campaign was carried out at Malakerava zones of 2 and 3. It was initiated by the local women of Malakerava zones and carried out under the Solid and Waste Management programme.

“We want to support the Malakerava zones and help their clean up strategy become more famous for other communities in Gizo to engage in similar practise as well,” said Ms Yuko.

“So basically the Solid Waste Management programme is to carry out clean-up campaigns and awareness’s,” she said.

Gizo public gathering at MSG Building for the “Fun Day” event last week

Roviana Mix showing off their island dance during the “Fun Day” programme

Ms Yuko elaborated that the Solid and Waste Management programme is now starting to get very interesting in Gizo according to actions taken and they will continue to make big events so that they wake the whole town up.

The core hosts of the Gizo Solid Waste Management Fun-Day last week are the Ministry of Health and Medical Services in Gizo, Ministry of Energy, the Division of Natural Resources, Gizo Town Council and the Solid Waste Management Volunteers and officers.

Deputy Premier for Western Province Hon Maloney Lopoto talking about Solid Waste management during the programme saluted the initiation carried out under the Solid and Waste Management programme.

He reminded locals and dignitaries’ attending that solid and waste management is also the government’s responsibility because it is everyone who produces waste.

Organizers of the event – Yuko (JICA), Renee (GTC), Merilyn (Health Promotion), Rendy (Environmental Health), and Nancy (Nutritionist)

During the programme, there were lots of other fun activities as well including singing and dancing by Malakerava women and speeches read by students. Recycled arts and crafts were also displayed by locals.

The programme last week was also part of introducing the new JICA volunteer for Gizo Ms Yuko Furukawa who will be spending the next two years in Gizo, Solomon Islands.

When asked of what her outlook was towards the current Solid and Waste Management programme on progress, Ms Yuko said at a starting point, it has already been good for her work in Gizo.

Malakerava 2 and 3 Zones in Gizo Town are now well organised on how they manage waste in their areas.

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