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Deceased had outstanding warrants, inquiry told

THE Inquiry was told yesterday that the deceased, David Saemala, and the other accused Bosokuru had outstanding warrant of arrests against them and was placed in custody.

A police officer, Caroline Saliga, who manned the Central watch house on June 24 and June 25, told the Inquiry that the deceased with other two accused were arrested on June 24.

They were arrested and escorted to the Central Police Station on that day by patrolling officers.

She said that shift officers, when they took the three accused to the watch-house, said that the accused will be there for safe keeping until they were sober.

“My observation on that day the accused now deceased was appeared to be drunk,” Ms Saliga said.

Ms Saliga said later on in the afternoon she called the Police Prosecution office to confirm whether there were any warrants of arrest against the accused men.

The officer from the Police Prosecution Service confirmed that Bosokuru and Saemala had warrants of arrest against them.

MS Saliga said but because it was time for her to sign off duty she handed over the file to the next shift officers to deal with the case, Ms Saliga said.

Ms Saliga also confirmed that on the next day when she was on duty, that was on June 24, 2016, the accused was in cell-one with the other accused, Bosokuru, and that he was in good condition.

Police officer Dominic Faka also told the Inquiry that the three accused were arrested opposite the Central Market in front of the shops for consuming liquor and public disorder.

The deceased was a regular accused arrested for several occasion and he was well known among officers in the Honiara City, Mr Faka said.

Mr Faka also revealed that when he approached the deceased he complied with instructions and got inside the police vehicle.

The inquiry will continue tomorrow in the afternoon.

The inquiry is in relation to the deceased 24-years-old from Ambu in Malaita province, who was arrested by police and found deceased inside a cell at the Central police station on June 27, 2016.

Because of that incident an inquiry file was opened in which the Professional Standard and Internal Investigation of the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force conducted the investigation and compiled their findings and sent the file to the Office of the Director Public Prosecution in November last year.

The hearing is conducted before the Chief Magistrate John Numapo.

It was heard under the Fire and Death Act of the Solomon Islands Constitution.

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