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English week for Kilusakwalo school

Form four students and staffs of Kilusakwalo community high school

THIS week the only language spoken at the Kilusakwalo school is English.

Kilusakwalo Christian community high school in Malaita province this week hosts its English week for students and teachers.

Head of English department at the school, Malachi Arete’e, said the programme is aimed at engaging students and teachers in speaking English.

He explains that most of the time everyone speaks either pijin or the common local Kwara’ae dialect, and such initiative is to aid both teachers and students in their English speaking.

“During this week students are trying to speak in English and sometimes they find it hard during talking.

“That is what we teachers want to see and we really like it to develop in our schools.

“Also during the whole of this week students are speaking English where it really shows me that they are capable in speaking English.”

If caught speaking anything besides English, teachers and students will be penalised.

“I believe that the more we organise this kind of programmes the more English development will increased at our school,” Arete’e said.

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