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WWF supports women in savings club

Gizo base WWF Field Project Coordinator, Mrs Salome Tepo speaking during the MOU signing yesterday

WORLD Wide Fund for Nature-Solomon Islands and WWF-Solomon Island office continue to support nearly 1,000 women through savings clubs, and undertaking business and financial management training in Western Province.

Gizo base WWF Field Project Coordinator, Mrs Salome Tepo said that more than 120 new small businesses have been achieved under GELCA savings club.

She added that this provides for their families and help them achieve personal empowerment.

“In only a few years, I have been privileged to see so much positive change, and I ‘m excited to see how much greater an impact we can have through this new Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Western Provincial Government.

“We know that by working in partnership with the Government to advance our mutual interests in relation to environment sustainability, food security and livelihood in the province.

“We see actual and long-term benefits that reach more and more communities within Western province,” said Topo.

Mrs Topo extended her acknowledgement to the Premier of Western Province Hon Wayne Maepio for his commitment to securing a prosperous and sustainable future for the people of the province.