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PM disappointed

THE Prime Minister has expressed his disenchantment on the statement made by a fellow coalition partner.

He expressed his disappointment on statement that was made by Sir Nathaniel Waena this week to Island Sun.

Hon Manasseh Sogavare exclusively told Island Sun that the Peoples Alliance Party (PAP) is a coalition partner and sensitive issues need to be disseminated responsibly through the media.

PAP President Sir Nathaniel Waena told Island Sun over the phone that he would be dishonest to say that his party has made strides in its achievement through the Democratic Coalition for Change Government (DCCG).

Sir Nathaniel made the comment when queried by the paper on PAP’s achievement through the DCC Government as one of the three parties that make up the Government Coalition.

Prime Minister Sogavare told Island Sun that such a statement would be seen as directly opposing Government policy and would bring Sir Waena’s loyalty to the coalition into question.

Sir Nathaniel however confidently told the paper that it is dishonest to mislead the people that the DCC Government is achieving its policies in great strides and claimed that the Kadere Party is also misleading the public.

This was made in reference to a previous exclusive interview made by the paper with Kadere President Peter Boyers and Secretary Robert Chris.

It is still unclear whether the statement made was in Sir Nathaniel’s capacity as President of PAP or on personal grounds.

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