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Hon Maepio thanks Tourism Ministry for services and budgetary support

WESTERN Province Premier Hon Wayne Maepio commends the great efforts and assistance the Ministry of Culture and Tourism has rendered for Western Province.

“I commend the Ministry for the great efforts and assistance it rendered to our Provincial Government in terms of tourism support services and budgetary support of about Five Million dollars,” said Hon Maepio.

“Budgetary support really helps us in executing the required outputs being from the cruise ships, to infrastructures such as wharfs, OBM’s, basic furniture’s, committees and small support grants to the operators.

“The 5 Million dollars is used to plant the tourism seed in which it is now germinating and needs to be under nurture in order for it to grow quicker and healthy.

“Thus, our proposal of 10 Million dollars to the National Government through the Ministry is for us to keep the seed growing to its maturity and harvesting time,” added Hon Maepio.

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