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Anolpha shipping service to Makira Ulawa province

DEAR EDITOR, my concerns regard the shipping service provided by Anolpha Shipping to my province, Makira Ulawa Province (MUP).

While I applaud Anolpha Shipping for their wonderful and continuous service to the people of our province, I would like to highlight two areas which I think needs a lot of improvement.

Firstly, the lack of respect shown by some of the crew members towards passengers, especially crews on board MV Awka.

On my last trip from Kirakira to Honiara, I witnessed one crew of the ship disrespecting an elderly man. We were sitting at the back of the ship where it is reserved for smokers, puffing our savusavu cigarette when this crew came and pulled the cigarette from his hand, without asking and started smoking it, with a murky smile on his face as if he is the boss.

As a country that has different cultures, that to us was very disrespectful. How can your crews act in such a manner when you are running a service for people? Ask and you shall receive that’s what the bible says.

Encouraging such attitudes is not good for the image of your company and I think needs to be addressed before something bigger happens.

The second point I want to highlight is the loading and unloading of passenger’s belongings and bags of foods onto your ships.

It has now become common for passengers travelling on board MV Awka to arrive incomplete. Incomplete I mean here is that many times passengers complain that some of their belongings have been lost or stolen while unloading.

For this I do not fully blame Anolpha Shipping. I also hold the Solomon Islands Ports Authority responsibly. While it was good to see the Ports Authority setting rules, it would be even greater if SIPA and their many security officers at the wharf control and not let those people waiting on the shores on board ships upon arrival.

This is the common practice and situation for us passengers of Makira Ulawa Province. Ship owners, companies and crews need to beef up their securities on board ships.

Crews need to be alert and help protect passenger’s belongings from being stolen. That is still a part of your job as crews of the ship.

After every one has gone off the ship then the crews can relax instead of letting every flood into the ship and search for their belongings.

I’m tired of losing my bags of bananas, bettle nuts, potatoes, and dried fruit coconuts on board your ships.

I’m tired of feeding masterlius stealing my wantoks bags of food on board your ships. Please improve the shipping services you provide to my province.

Thank you

Patrickson Dius

Concerned MUP Commuter

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