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Betel-nut a source of great income

Newly planted betel-nut along Tapairao River of Maro’u Masike in East Are Are

BETEL-NUT is coming up among other agriculture products in the country as a source of great income domestically.

A betel-nut farmer, Mr Eddie Poraitara told this paper recently that betel-nut is economically gaining momentum in the country.

He said with the population of betel nut chewers on the rise, the market is becoming more lucrative.

His experience as a betel-farmer has allowed him to deduce that betel nut can be harvested after five to six years.

“One good thing about betel-nut is there’s nothing to go through or no processes like what happen to cocoa, coconut and oil palm where it demand lots of work before earning money.

“It also not expensive since nothing require to do almost from when you plant the betel-nut until when you harvest and sell them.

“A less expensive business with a very huge income,” he said.

“But from then until recently no economic changes expect on the product maybe due to very less population chew betel-nut.

“But for now, even kids can chew betel and almost everywhere people chew betel-nut, this is what makes betel-nut a commercial and demanded product,” he said.

Mr Poraitara said his trade in the betel nut market has allowed him to provide for the needs of his family.